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Wrinkle Treatment

Ever looked in the mirror and see an older person looking back? Someone who looks more tired than you feel? Those lines seem deeper than you remember last week?

Do you look at a photo of yourself and wonder why that frown line is looking so deep? Do you want to feel fresher, look more youthful and get back that glow?

At Dr Rastogi's clinic we have a full range of wrinkle treatments and filler to give you back that smoothness you've lost or always wanted but never had?

Injectable treatments are available with Dr Rastogi in our Sydney Clinic or our highly skilled Nurse injectors that are carefully overseen by Dr Rastogi at both our Newcastle Clinic, Bella Face and our Sydney Clinic in Double Bay.

Feel free to come in for an obligation free consultation with one of our Nurses to see how we can assist you to look your best and most importantly, feel your best, with the most natural looking outcome.

Areas that can be treated:

Frown lines can make the happiest soul look angry and unhappy but we have a treatment that can turn that frown upside down, so to speak!

Crows feet can make you feel very self-conscious about smiling but that doesn't need to be the case.

Heavy, droopy, tired eyes can be gently lifted to change the way you look at things by opening your eyes up to a new you.

A droopy mouth with deep creases can be treated very subtly with amazing results.

Are your jowls in need of a lift and missing that fullness that was once there? We have a solution.

Plumping up smoker lines around your mouth is an easy fix to a lifetime of use.

Always wanted fuller lips? It can be a reality and no one has to know, we offer discreet treatments with a natural result.

Cheeks that are sunken and drawn can age the most beautiful woman. They can be filled to give you that youthful fullness you lack.

Do you have a receding chin? Does your nose have a slight downward turn? These can both be artistically corrected with fillers. As can dark circles under the eyes, to take away that tired look.

If the issues you have are more than skin deep, like excessive sweating under the arms or debilitating migraines we can help alleviate these problems with injectable treatments.

If you're looking to achieve a youthful glow - watch Dr Rastogi talk about this below.

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