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Cosmetic Tattooing

Dr Rastogi Cosmetic Surgeon is pleased to welcome Gordana Willesee to our Double Bay clinic - celebrity make-up artist and cosmetic tattooist.

Gordana of Dr Freckle and Mr Hide is renowned throughout Sydney for her masterstroke talent in achieving beautiful, shapely eyebrows for her clients. Well known as one of Sydney's best eyebrow tattoo artists, Gordana is highly experienced in both permanent and semi permanent tattoo methods.

What to look for in a Cosmetic Tattoo artist

A good tattoo artist will understand the skin, facial structure, have experience with make-up designs and utilise an array of suitable ink colours for successful, long-lasting results. One need only see Gordana's celebrity client list (Cate Blanchett, Zac Efron, Reese Witherspoon, Sir Paul McCartney to name a few) or her Before & After gallery to appreciate her talent.

Semi-Permanent vs Permanent Eyebrows

Gordana has honed the 'soft tap' hand-held method, which gives a semi-permanent, colour-rich natural effect. For a more permanent result, 'Microblading' is the method used, but its the two styles in combination that give the most natural looking effect.

Areola Tattooing

Another cosmetic tattoo application which helps women after breast reconstruction is Areola Tattooing. Gordana can help minimise the appearance of scars using a repigmentation technique - by re-drawing the areola and restoring it to a more natural colour and shape.

Gordana treats both new and existing clients at Dr Rastogi's rooms for eyebrow feathering, microblading, hair stroking, 'ombre', permanent make-up and areola tattooing. See more via her Facebook Page, or to book, contact us on (02) 9362 1426.