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Vaser Lipo

The Vaser Lipo Procedure is a highly refined form of liposculpture (liposuction) and represents a major advance in the procedure.

Vaser liposculpture has 3 main advantages over traditional liposuction. Firstly it is much more gentle, secondly it allows the surgeon much greater precision and thirdly it creates better skin tightening through thermal contraction.

The Vaser Lipo Procedure utilises state of the art technology in the form of a highly focused ultrasonic beam. The energy is transmitted through a thin titanium probe which selectively melts the unwanted fat leaving supportive structures, blood vessels and nerves intact.

The gentle melting action means that the tissues are not traumatised during the procedure and therefore discomfort is significantly less and recovery times are shorter.

The instrument affords me much greater precision to sculpt the body shapes I wish to create, and additionally allows me to produce much better muscle definition, by selectively melting the fat between the muscles.

The thermal contraction of collagen fibres induced by the Vaser allow me the ability to produce better skin tightness

The quality of a liposuction Australia is heavily dependent on the surgeons artistic ability as a sculptor, as well as his technical ability as a surgeon. Vaser has greatly improved the precision with which the sculpture can be performed, has made it more gentle and allows better skin tightness.

If you are interested in having Liposculpture in Sydney, Australia please contact Dr Rastogi on 0293621426 to discuss the cost of Vaser Lipo and whether is it right for you.