Liposuction for men has become a very popular and extremely effective procedure

More and more men feel empowered to seek cosmetic procedures to improve their bodies.

Physiologically as men progress through their 30’s and 40’s there are typical changes that occur.

A steady almost linear decline in testosterone levels, along with thyroid and growth hormone levels (among others) and a corresponding increase in body fat especially in the typical male trouble spots- tummy, love handles, pectoral region and chin.

This combined with the increase in work and family responsibilities over the same period of time, contributes to the production of a body shape that many men struggle against.

Sensible eating, regular exercise and a moderation of alcohol intake are the first steps to getting that great body back. However if these fail then the liposculpture for men procedure is a very sensible option for creating that great male figure.

Is liposculpture performed differently for men and women?

In a female liposculpture one creates a beautiful shape by sculpting in the waist to produce an hour glass and then sculpting over the hips and outer thighs to produce gentle slender feminine curves.

In a male liposculpture by contrast the aim is to etch out the underlying muscle definition, to reveal the triangular slope of the back, to contrast the breadth of the shoulder against a tight narrow waist, and to uncover the pectoral muscles and the abdominal six pack.

Men usually respond very well to liposculpture because their thicker male skin, contains lots of collagen which contracts very well once the underlying fat has been removed.


liposuction for men before and after - image 01 - front view
Case Study One

This slender young male in his mid-20s had a disproportionate amount of puppy fat around his abdomen, and love handles, which he found impossible to shift despite vigorous excercise. A 2.2 litre liposculpture was performed to remove fatty excess and define his underlying muscularity.

male liposculpture before and after - image 02 - side view
Case Study Two

This man in his mid-30s had progressively gained fat on his chest, abdomen and love handles since his mid-20s. He also had male breast development (gynaecomastia). A 5.2 litre liposculpture was performed with particular emphasis on superficial undermining to ensure skin retraction. His abdomen and love handles were sculpted to define his underlying muscular shape and the breast glands and fat were also sculpted.

liposuction for men before and after image 02 - side view
Case Study Three

This man in his early 60s had a significant excess of fat across his love handles, which he found uncomfortable and embarrassing. A 4.2 litre liposculpture was performed to remove fat from his abdomen and love handles.

before and after male liposculpture - image 04 - back view
Case Study Two

This man in his 50s presented with a large fatty abdomen and love handles. A 3 litre liposculpture was performed to remove his abdominal fat and define his abdominal muscles and back

Let us take a look at each of the attributes that contribute to a successful Liposculpture/liposuction result

Artistic ability

The Liposculpture surgeon must have an innate appreciation of the human figure and the principles of balance, proportion and harmony.
These combine to create an attractive new figure.

Surgical skill

The Liposculpture surgeon’s experience and training allow him to create the new form he has designed.

They also give him the ability to produce smooth curves, even results and maximise fat removal and skin contraction with the use of specialised techniques such as superficial undermining. Employing technologies and using microcannulas can further improve the result.

Dr Rastogi has been performing Liposculpture in Sydney for over 18 years.

“Liposculpture is an incredibly effective and exciting procedure in which beautiful new bodies are sculptured when the surgeon has the essential combination of artistic ability and surgical skill,” says Dr Rastogi.

Read more about what goes into creating a living sculpture here

Clinical judgement

This comes from experience and training. It allows the surgeon to evaluate the skin, the fat and the underlying musculoskeletal structures prior to performing the body sculpting to determine the potential for his patient to achieve the desired result.
He evaluates the skin’s ability to contract, how much fat there is in an area and how much can be sculpted away. He also evaluates when it is safe to perform Liposculpture surgery and how much fat can be removed for an effective result.


I believe it is essential for the surgeon to be passionate about his work, his results and also his patients’ wellbeing. It is only natural that a patient contemplating a Liposculpture surgery in Sydney will be apprehensive about the procedure and outcome. Empathy, comfort and patience from the surgeon allows the patient to express themselves, so their desires can be understood and satisfied. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this instance, the beholder is the patient. It is the patient above all who should appreciate and enjoy the result of the procedure.