Creating a Living Sculpture

Liposculpture is an incredibly effective and exciting procedure in which beautiful new bodies are sculptured, when the surgeon has the essential combination of artistic ability and surgical skill, says Sydney Double Bay Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Anoop Rastogi.

There is no question as to the effectiveness of liposculpture. If there is fat present in the superficial layers of the body then it can be removed by liposuction. Dramatic changes in both body, shape and size are possible.

However the skill with which the fat is removed will determine how much fat can be taken, how natural the result will be and how tight and smooth the skin will be. Equally how beautifully the contours and curves are sculptured by the surgeon will determine how attractive the new body will be.

Patients must understand that liposculpture is a very surgeon dependant procedure. The new figure will be is heavily determined by the skills of the individual surgeon, so choose your surgeon carefully.

The surgeon needs to be well trained and experienced in the technical and surgical skills of liposculpture. Liposculpture however is a very artistic procedure and the surgeon needs to be gifted with the artistic ability to envisage and design beauty in three dimensions, to understand balance and proportion, and to have the magic in his hands to sculpt beautiful sensual curves. He needs to be both artist and cosmetic surgeon.

The female body is defined by its curves. The arc of the breast, the sway of the back, the hourglass of the waist, the curve of the hips, the rounding of the buttock, and the shapeliness of the legs.

Whether the new figure created, is to be slender & athletic or voluptuous and womanly, the beauty of her new body will be determined by the sculpture of her curves.

Flattening the stomach & sculpting a slender curve across the hips and thighs to balance the shoulder and back proportions, will create slenderness, while at the same time sculpting in the waist will highlight her feminine curves, accentuating both slenderness and shapeliness. This is the key to a female liposculpture.

Similarly in the legs, sculpting the inner and outer thighs, slimming the knees, but highlighting the curve of the calves will create both slender and shapely legs, while sculpting in the ankles will lengthen the appearance of the leg and further set off the sense of shapeliness.

By contrast when sculpting a masculine figure I am accentuating and enhancing the broadness of the shoulders by sculpting in the slope of the back and creating as tight a waist, hips and abdomen as possible says Dr Rastogi. “Male attractiveness is defined by angularity and muscular definition, the ‘V’ shape of the back and the abdominal six pack.”

“Whatever the sculpture,” explains Dr Rastogi. “Attractiveness comes from an eye for proportion and the skill of the hand.”

The skin needs to be treated separately to maximise its retraction potential, to make it as tight and firm as possible. Dr Rastogi achieves this by utilizing advanced techniques such as superficial undermining, lateral recruitment and thermal tightening.

With superficial undermining the skin is released from its underlying anchors to allow maximum skin retraction. While lateral recruitment involves recruiting skin elasticity from surrounding firmer skin to tighten up looser areas. Thermal tightening produced by Vaser liposuction further improves skin firmness.

Vaser liposculpture is a major advance which utilises cutting edge technology in the form of highly focused ultrasonic energy. The instrument selectively melts the fat and affords me much greater precision, allowing me to produce even more refined liposculpture. It also allows me to achieve greater muscle definition by selectively melting the fat between the muscles. The gentle action means that there is a further reduction in bruising and recovery times.

The quality of liposuction is heavily dependent on the surgeons artistic ability as a sculptor as well as his technical ability as a surgeon. Vaser technology has greatly improved the precision with which the sculpture can be performed, as well as making it more gentle and allowing better skin tightness, concludes Dr Rastogi.

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