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Breast Augmentation


When the surgeon desires it to be, and has the skills to allow it to be. For as long as the surgeon sees the surgery merely as a procedure where an implant is placed into a breast to make it bigger, it can be nothing more. However with the artistic skill to visualise a breast sculpture with all its natural beauty, balance and proportion, and a desire to utilise all ones surgical skill, knowledge and experience to create the beauty that one has envisaged then.....an operating theatre becomes a studio, a surgeon becomes an artist and surgery becomes an artform.

Dr Rastogi is famous for his very natural style of breast augmentation. He uses breast implants to sculpt beautifully shaped breasts, which balance his patients figure and accentuate their feminine silhouette.

Dr Rastogi performs his breast enhancement surgery in Sydney but cares for patients whom frequently travel to see him from all over the country and around the world.

Dr Rastogi specialises in the use of Polyurethane coated breast implants. The softest and most advanced breast implants currently available.

Polyurethane coated implants are also known as P-ure implants or perhaps less elegantly these breast implants are referred to as Furry Brazilians.

Breast Art book