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The Art of Creating Beautiful Breasts


My desire is to create for my patients a beautifully shaped, natural looking breast, sculptured on to her body in such a way as to balance and harmonise her proportions, and accentuate her feminine curves.

Womens' breast sizes and shapes vary from person to person and have the propensity to change over time (with thanks to gravity, ageing, childbearing or weight fluctuations). Breast implants are a cosmetic breast surgeon's tool for beautifying a woman's contours, so that she may achieve the femininity she desires or to simply balance her figure.

Breast Implant Size and Volume

If you’re wondering what breast implant size or cc volume to choose, it is best to discuss the options with your doctor. A good starting point is to find a surgeon whose work inspires you, book a consultation and show photo examples of breasts you like during the discussion.

Every woman is different, body shapes vary and therefore the notion of 'One Size Fits All' with breast implants does not apply. A good cosmetic surgeon will take into account the aesthetic that appeals to you and discuss the options available. In Dr Rastogi’s case, his reputation has been built on producing elegant, natural looking breast implant results, which complement a woman’s figure and proportions.

How long do Breast Implants last

It’s a common misconception that Breast Implants have a shelf life. There is no breast implant expiration date (such as 10 years) as was once thought.

Now, Breast Implants can last a lifetime. Unless there is an issue with the patient’s breasts or general health, there is no need to have breast implants removed or replaced, provided the patient remains happy with their look and feel.

Read more about the new generation in Breast Implant technology here. 

What is the safest Breast Implant

Breast Implants have come a long way since the early days of manufacture. Implants used by any qualified, trusted surgeon operating in Australia today are safe. Dr Rastogi prefers the use of P-URE Polyurethane Coated silicone implants, their advantage being that they have the least risk of complications to patients. That said, Dr Rastogi continues to work with other implant types and brands, and is always happy to discuss the alternatives with patients.

P-URE implants, manufactured in Europe, are used extensively overseas, and are also available here. Patients considering Breast Augmentation surgery can research the unique properties that give polyurethane coated implants their premium status. ‘Furry Brazilian implants’ as they are sometimes referred to, not only look great, they stick to place very well, and lessen the risk of implant sag, droop, rotation and breast hardening - the most common issues following Breast Enlargement surgery.

Do Breast Implants feel like real breasts?

Yes, breast implants do feel like real breasts, and, with the right doctor, will look natural too. Directly following surgery, implants may feel a bit firm and tight, but the body adjusts over time and the implants will soften.

When should I remove or replace my implants?

Patients do not need to have their breast implants replaced or removed after a given time, provided they are still happy, comfortable and there is no medical reason to remove them. Patients may opt for a Revision Breast Augmentation, which is surgery to remove the existing existing implants and replace with new (often larger) implants.

How much is Breast implant surgery?

Having performed over 5,000 Breast Augmentations across nearly 20 years, Dr Rastogi’s reputation and skill in consistently producing beautiful female silhouettes is congruent with his pricing. Dr Rastogi charges $14,900 for breast implant surgery. With this procedure, you get what you pay for and with Dr Rastogi, the results speak for themselves.

Can I claim any costs for Revision Breast Implant surgery?

There are instances when patients can claim some of the costs of their Breast Revision surgery via Medicare rebates and their Private Health Fund. You are entitled to a rebate when the revision surgery is deemed medically necessary.

Financing Breast Implants

Many patients ask 'Can I get finance or a payment plan for my breast implants?'  Patients wishing for Dr Rastogi's surgical expertise may certainly finance their procedure via external finance providers, however, our clinic does not offer finance or facilitate payment plans directly.

It is unethical and illegal for any medical practitioner in Australia to offer loans or provide credit to patients for surgery. People should exercise caution proceeding with any surgeon offering finance solutions on their website.

Read more about the process of Breast Augmentation using implants or contact us to book a private consultation (02) 9362 1426.