Choosing a Cosmetic Breast Surgeon in Sydney


Finding the right Breast Augmentation cosmetic surgeon is vital in achieving a great result. The patient must have confidence in the surgeon's technical and artistic abilities and also feel comfortable communicating openly with the surgeon.

What to look for in a Cosmetic Surgeon for breast surgery

Dr Rastogi recommends the following points in helping you choose your surgeon:

  • Visit as many different surgeons as you need until you feel really confident.
  • Listen to the surgeon during the consultation and assess whether they have understood your desires and whether they discuss concepts such as individually tailored procedures, body balance and aesthetically-pleasing outcomes rather than just bigger breasts.
  • Ask about the surgeon's training in Breast Augmentation and how many Breast Augmentations they have performed.
  • Ask to see several Before and After photographs. This is the best indication of the cosmetic surgeon’s artistic ability and will help patients ascertain whether the results are in line with their own aesthetic preference.
  • Check the surgeon’s reputation and ask to speak to previous patients.

The best cosmetic surgeons in Australia hone their expertise to a small number of surgical specialities. They concentrate on performing these procedures well, rather than several surgical procedures covering numerous areas of the body. Dr Rastogi is famous for his Breast Augmentation results, he trained under the guidance of some of the most renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Europe where he conducted over 400 Breast Implant surgeries during his training, before opening his private practice in Double Bay, Sydney. He has since performed several thousand Breast Augmentations. Dr Rastogi is also a Fellow and Board Member of the ACCS – the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgeons.

Cosmetic Surgeons in Sydney

There are good surgeons all around the world, so in Australia's largest city, one should have no trouble finding a good cosmetic surgeon in Sydney. Patients should inform themselves on the credentials of their cosmetic surgeon by researching patient reviews, industry forums and speaking to previous patients who have undergone the same procedure with the surgeon.

How and where surgeries are performed should also be taken into account. Breast implant surgery should be performed under general anaesthetic with proper medical supervision in a legitimate hospital (rather than a clinic using 'twilight' sedation). This is very important. Furthermore, the after-care following surgery should be second to none. Patients should see their surgeon at least twice post-op, to monitor their health and well being, as well as their cosmetic results. Follow-up appointments are the standard duty of care with any well regarded cosmetic surgeon in Sydney.

The difference between a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Both Plastic and Cosmetic surgeons can perform Breast Augmentations provided they are trained in the procedure. A good breast surgeon in Sydney will have strong experience and carry the appropriate credentials to perform this procedure.

There are a few differences between a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, but in the case of choosing one over the other for Breast Augmentation, patients should understand that plastic surgeons are trained in hundreds of surgical and reconstructive procedures in order to gain their accreditation. A good cosmetic surgeon may not be trained in all these procedures but has been well-trained in the specific surgeries he or she specialises in. This too may include years of surgical training but focused on a select list of surgeries, such as Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Facelifts and Mini-Abdominoplasty surgery (for example).

Dr Rastogi personally trained for several years under the guidance of the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Europe. He performed over 400 Breast Augmentations during his training before moving back to Australia and opening his cosmetic surgery clinic in Sydney’s Double Bay in 1998. Dr Rastogi has since performed over 5,000 Breast Augmentation surgeries and is a Fellow of the ACCS.

What accreditations should I look for in a Cosmetic Breast Surgeon?

When seeking a Breast Augmentation patients should research the surgeon’s years of experience and expertise in performing the procedure. Patients may also look for professional qualifications (ie Medical degree) and specialist training and accreditation, such as their membership or fellowship of the ACCS (The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery).

Established in 1999, the ACCS is a not-for-profit fellowship body of cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, dermatologists and other doctors and health care practitioners who practice in cosmetic surgery and medicine. The College provides these professionals with the latest, most advanced training for cosmetic procedures and treatments in order to maintain integrity within the profession and the utmost safety and quality of care to patients.

If your surgeon is a member of the ACCS, it means he or she is formally trained and accredited in cosmetic surgery, with details of their procedures published on the ACCS website. It is wise to think twice about proceeding with a cosmetic surgeon who is not a Member or Fellow of the ACCS.

How to choose a breast surgeon right for me?

Sometimes finding the right cosmetic surgeon involves more than just having the required surgical capability and expertise. Meeting a patient's individual breast enhancement needs requires a further skill, a human skill. It is the cosmetic surgeon’s warmth and empathy that allows the patient to feel comfortable and confident enough to discuss her desires and expectations so she can be satisfied.

Beautiful breasts that look real, feel real and move like real breasts are not created by accident. Whether the breast surgeon is Sydney based or otherwise, his ability to create attractive breasts time and time again comes from attention to detail, surgical skill, artistry, and a genuine desire to create beauty.

After all, a beautiful sculpture is a fusion of the elements - an elegantly shaped breast in balance and harmony with one’s figure. Speak to Dr Rastogi's rooms today to discuss your new breasts with one of our friendly cosmetic consultants on: (02) 9362 1426.