Eyebrow Tattooing with Gordana Willesee

September 22, 2017 by Dr. Rastogi

Dr Rastogi Cosmetic Surgeon welcomes the beautiful Gordana Willesee from Dr Freckle and Mr Hide to the clinic this Spring. Well known as the 'make-up artist to the stars',  these days she is most reputed for being the best in the Brow-Business. When she's not making up international celebrities, she is tattooing permanent make-up! Gordana therefore brings further luxury and precision to Dr Rastogi's suite of cosmetic services.

Microblading or Hair Stroking as it is sometimes known is fast becoming the most sought after semi-permanent or permanent treatment within beauty circles globally. Both women and men are starting to appreciate the artistry of cosmetic tattooing and the impact beautiful, perfectly shaped brows can have on one's facial features and expression. Gone are the days where eyebrows were plucked to oblivion, today iconic beauties like Cara Delevinge set the standard for full, well-shaped brows that look natural and frame the face. See some of Gordana's Before & After eyebrow transformations via her Instagram.

Gordana is highly experienced in both the 'Soft Tap' method, which creates colour and a more natural effect, as well as 'Microblading' which is permanent and gives elegant results. She says "the two methods in combination give the most natural effect". She is also highly experienced in areola scar camouflage and all medical tattoo including colour correction.

Gordana will tattooing in Dr Rastogi's Double Bay clinic:

  • Wednesday 22 November

To book an appointment, contact Gordana directly on 0412 546 278.

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