Diary From My Patient`s Breast Augmentation Journey

January 14, 2016 by Dr. Rastogi


Sydney-based Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist, Jessica Berg has been using her expertise to boost women’s confidence for over a decade. Little did I know, that she, herself, had developed low self-esteem as after breast-feeding her children she was left with a hollowed out chest. Who would have thought that this beautiful, willowy former model lacked confidence!

I suggested, that perhaps she should seek some advice in regards to breast enhancement by breast augmentation surgery and recommended that she have a consultation with cosmetic surgeon, Dr Anoop Rastogi who specializes in breast surgery.

Here is her story (in her own words) on how she gained back her self-confidence and femininity…

Read the full article : Jessica Berg's Diary of a Breast Augmentation.

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