Position Available - Part Time Cosmetic Nurse
May 9, 2017
Dr Rastogi, one of Australia’s most highly regarded in the Cosmetic Surgery field is seeking a registered Cosmetic Nurse for a dynamic injecting position. As a polished, professional individual, you will have experience administering anti-wrinkle treatments and fillers and show…
Dr Rastogi and Sigourney Cantelo (Beauticate) Talk Injectables
January 14, 2016
Time and time again the age old question of ‘to have or not to have cosmetic injectables’ comes up in many a mind. Allergan (the makers of one of the most common anti-wrinkle products worldwide) estimate that over 600,000 Australian…
Demystifying Cosmetic Injections
January 14, 2016
For many women and men, the decision to proceed with anti-wrinkle treatments with cosmetic injections is one fraught with questions... There is a lot of misinformation out there about cosmetic medicine, so Dr Rastogi teamed up with beauty magazine editor…
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