Questions and Considerations about The Timing of Your Breast Augmentation Surgery
April 9, 2020
Perhaps one of the best benefits of elective cosmetic surgery is that it can be scheduled when you are ready. Whether you delay surgery for a month, or even a year, cosmetic surgery will be there when you are ready.…
Why More Middle-Age Women are Undergoing Breast Augmentation
February 25, 2020
Dr Rastogi talks about the fastest-growing market for breast enhancement surgery with Studio 10. If you’ve ever thought that breast augmentation is more popular amongst younger women and celebrities, you would be wrong. In a recent interview with Studio 10,…
Dr Rastogi discusses fat transfer in the Sun Herald
September 18, 2019
Dr Anoop Rastogi was recently featured in the Sun Herald talking about the benefits of breast augmentation via fat transfer, or "Autologous fat transfer". Please click here to read the full article.
Married At First Sight Jessika: 'My $50,000 new body'
July 8, 2019
Jessika Powers of MAFS fame has turned to Dr Rastogi to help her with a fat transfer to turn her B-cup chest into an impressive D-cup. The beauty of this procedure is it removes unwanted fat cells from problem areas…

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